Friday, June 08, 2012


On Sunday night, the 3rd June,the Jubilee Day(happy jubilee Mrs Queen !) Kathryn and Drew hosted a welcome BBQ for all their guests at the Villa they are staying, in the Chianti area.
The atmosphere was lively and joyful. The guests sat at picnic tables, with the Union Jack tablecloths. Our chef Graziella with  her partner took care of everything. She prepared and served a typical Tuscan-style BBQ with bruschettas, crostini, olives, cold cuts, chicken, sausages, ribs and salads, and a gorgeous tiramisu cake !
The Even though surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan hills with cypresses and olive groves.Stay tuned  Pictures of their wedding day are  coming soon !

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  1. I really love any smoke dish but Barbeque is one of my favorite dish ever! So whenever there's happenings or gatherings in my home, barbeque is never absent to the dish that will be serve.