Friday, November 30, 2012

Are you planning to enjoy a tour of Tuscany while on your wedding or honeymoon?

Are you planning to enjoy a tour of Tuscany while on your wedding or honeymoon?
your guests will of course remember your wedding, but why not help create a vacation they will never forget.
You might have some of your wedding guests who would rather stay at the Villa  or by the pool each doing nothing all day, but there should also be quite a few who would like to be more active.
The basis of destination wedding etiquette is to keep your guests entertained for the time they are there. The activities you organize will contribute to their sense that you're taking care of them for the whole week or weekend.

If your destination has a well known attraction, you'll have to notify them in some sense so that your guests won't leave like they never saw the highlights, like traveling for work.

Organize a group outing: Take advantage of having all of your close friends and family together, and do something fun as a group. Schedule a local tour, activity, or go sighting seeing,,take a cooking class , a yoga class or, go into town to shop, etc. Make use of idle time until the big event and involve your guests as much as possible.

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Enjoy a private cooking class at your "Tuscan Villa" with our Chef Barbara

You will go shopping with the chef at the local market place picking up the ingredients for your lunch. 

You will meet the butchers, the bakers, and the farmers selling vegetables from their gardens. 

Then Barbara will guide you through every step of your menu and help you prepare dishes with your classmates.

Enjoy your meal 
Once the cooking is done, enjoy your meal with your fellow cooks. 

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