Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Guide to the right Wedding Planner

Before starting to plan your wedding in Italy decide whether you really need a planner, or not. 
When you organize your wedding in Italy you have 2 choices:  hiring an experienced wedding-planning service based in Italy , or doing everything yourself.
That depends mainly on your budget, since a planner cannot work for free. 
If you have a total budget equal to 2000 euros, I strongly suggest that you organise everything by yourselves. Otherwise, the presence of an experienced wedding planner is necessary, since it is not possible to make everything alone. 
A wedding planner is first of alla a trusted person, who will support you in the organization and in the preparation of your wedding, who will try to understand and meet all of your requirements and will try to make all of your reams come true. A wedding planner is always at your disposal, optimising the organisation time, managing the budget, making it possible, at the same time, to save money, thanks to his/ her bargaining power, the knowledge of the market rules and to the continuative relationships with the providers involved in the organisation of the event.
Experience is the key. Lately a lot of "improvised" wedding planners" are trying to penetrate in this market.
It is a real pity, since such inexperienced people  damage serious professionals who dedicate theirselves to this job with years of experiences.  Entrusting the organisation of your wedding to a planner who doesn't have experience is a very risky choice, that can eventually cost you dear!
The suggestion that I would like to give you is the following: before choosing a wedding planner ask for references.... Find out how long he/she has been doing this job, how many weddings he/she has organised  and look carefully at their websites trying to understand whether the pictures of wedding are recent or very old.

Surfing in the net, I happened to see pictures of weddings organised by our agency, published in the sites of other wedding planners. 

Professional wedding planners spend an unbelievable amount of time with their brides–sometimes communicating every single day! The bond we form with our client should be based on honesty, trust and mutual respect. With that kind of foundation, we can help you create a day that you and your  guests will remember fondly.

Wedding planning is definitely a role that is undervalued 
Some time ago, I met a couple who had chosen the location for the reception bwithout the help of a wedding planner. They had seen the pictures on the internet and paid the deposit to the owner of the place. When that came to Tuscany, to make a site inspection, they realised that the place was not what they were looking for. They realised that  pictures are not reliable sometimes. We managed to find another venue, a beautiful one that could meet all of their requirements. They lost their deposit, but their wedding was a success! they were happy and we feltsatisfied

That's why we suggest you do not choose the location, basing on the pictures you may see on the Internet. We strongly recommend that you follow our suggestions, since we know the venues, the owners, the people who work there and we know where it is possible to work comfortably!
We do to take commissions, therefore we choose the place, just because we know that it is perfect for you.
Truly Yours

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  1. Thank you very much for this contribution. I totally agree! I'm a Wedding Planner in Latin America and we are going through the same situation, many people posing as Wedding Planners. They are not, confuse people but also discredit our work. I agree with the competition, more is needed to improve but whenever professionalism, study and experience!